Wednesday, March 07, 2007

a little bit of everything

I'm back from my unplanned blog break (no internet connection for 3 days). It was enough to drive me nuts! I've missed you guys.

I got caught up on my sewing job which is a huge relief.

I am doing a hand quilting marathon....trying to get this quilt done before my trip to MN at the end of the month. It's a full size quilt. But you already know that I am crazy. I guess this is proof if there was any shred of doubt.

My daughter has a bad cold and 3 teeth coming in. She is miserable. Therefore the rest of us are miserable. It's been a rough couple of days on the parenting front.

I made a new pillowcase for my 4 year old....he got it less than a week after his birthday, so we were all pretty happy with that. This is my compromise to decorating a room around a theme/character....we change pillowcases on a whim (as their tastes change), but the rest of the boys' room is a pretty basic boy room. No character bedding, etc. Pillowcases are my one concession. It works out pretty well. Dinosaurs are a big hit around here these days.

I also made these bars. I highly recommend them. They are good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, anytime really.

I also made some of this....also good. My second try was much more to my liking than the first. It's a tough pill to swallow...I've made fun of people for making their own granola. Now here I am doing it....hmm.

I want to try to make a wardrobe of skirts for this summer, but I am not a garment sewer...yet. I like the looks of this skirt a lot.

Can you tell that I've missed blogging? So there is your earful...hopefully it will be back to normal around here soon.


Roxanne said...

Woohoo!! You're back! Missed ya around here :) Broken internet is the worst feeling. Its like having a broken car so you have to stay home! You have been very productive though. I love the quilt you are working on. Looks like something my great grandma would have made.

The pillow cases are a great idea! I need to make Sydney one of those anyway. I've had plans to work on her room, just hasn't happened yet.

You're planning a trip to MN huh! Maybe we can sneak some time in to have a blogger reunion...what do you think? I'm sure you have a ton of people to see, so I understand if it won't work this time...but it would sure be fun!!

Okay - super long post, guess I should have just e-mailed you!

Linda said...

Erin's mom's quilt is looking great! I bet she will be thrilled to finally have it finished! Glad to see you back, I was wondering about you, but just figured you were a busy gal. I haven't been on much lately either, just busy with stuff. Seems like you got a lot done in your unexpected break!

sulu-design said...

I'm glad you're back, too, but I figured that with the name you gave your blog, you probably had a good excuse. I guess no internet connection is as good as any! Isn't homemade ggranola great?