Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A. it is

Fabric A. won with 18 votes.
I appreciate your input. Thanks for voting!

I even made a little side pocket to hold my cell phone.

I can't wait to use it!

Has anyone used magnetic closures for their purses?
Where would I buy them?
Are they hard to put in, and line up?
Any information on this would be much appreciated.


sulu-design said...

The perfect choice! The bag is adorable, and your interior pockets are impressive.

Anina said...

Oh, so wonderful! I've never sewn a purse before (I did knit one once), but I might have to.

Roxanne said...

Your purse turned out adorable! I love it - nice work!! I have some magnetic closures, but haven't used them because they are ridiculously strong magnets and I was always afraid they would tear out the fabric. They each have two prongs that are inserted into your fabric and bent back. JoAnns should have them, or you can have mine if you want to give them a go. Maybe you will have better luck!

Mama Urchin said...

It looks great!

wheresmyscissors said...

Nice bag! I also like those fabric boxes you made.

Dawn said...

I have used magnetic closures...I found them at Joann's and Walmart.
There is a tutoriail on Craftster that is helpful.

Linda said...

Looks great! Very cute!