Monday, March 12, 2007

fabric box diaper holder thingy

Ever since Melissa posted instructions on how to make fabric boxes I have been wanting to try them out. I have a container obsession, and I even tried making my own fabric box without a pattern once, but with mediocre (at best) results. I went back to link to her post and realized that she posted instructions back in January. (Where did February go???)
So here is my (very plain) version of the fabric box.
Instructions here.
I cut my pieces 6" x 6" and 6" x 12" to fit little A's diapers.
It's lined with some of heather's fantastic fabric.
It's functional. And now looking at the photos, very, very plain on the outside.
I have to keep it full, in order to maintain it's shape (I used fake timtex for the first time), but that's a minor detail.

And it still turned out heaps better than my own version.
I just realized that if I turned it inside out, I have one fantastic diaper box.
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
Much better.
And on a side note, one of the authors of this book commented on my humble little blog on my plain spoken quilt. How fantastic is that??????????


Anina said...

I do love that box! I keep adding new "to do's" to my project list. So much to craft, so little time...

Roxanne said...

Oh my goodnesss! I am so excited for you...the author of the quilt book commented on your blog! Holy Cow!! What a huge compliment!!! Just please don't forget us little bloggers when you become famous okay! ;)

I love the fabric box! I have that link saved in my favorites too, just haven't been brave enough to try it yet. Yours turned out adorable. I love the patterned side, but I think the green side just needs some buttons or something and it would be equally cute. Nice work!

Anina said...

I just noticed your mention of the comment from the Bill Kerr on your quilt. The kit I just got and started blogging on yesterday is from Funquilts. It actually looks a lot like the plain spoken quilt.

Linda said...

Cute little box, I may have to try that someday.
Wow! What a nice compliment on your plain spoken quilt. That must make you feel really good!

Anonymous said...

that is so cute. and honestly--even the "real" timtex is very flexible so that it ends up being a bit floppy. but i think that's the whole point of a fabric box. otherwise we should just make it out wood or plastic or something :)

becki said...

I love the box! I've always wanted to try that, but hopefully I will get a chance to whip some up! Great job!

Amy Jo said...

Good job - box is way cute!

And how wonderful for a compliment from the author. That is so cool!

sulu-design said...

The box is adorable - and reversible!?! One day I've got to make a few of those for photo holders. And congrats on the author's comment - how great!

Mama Urchin said...

I have not been able to get my hands on any of Heather's fabric yet. Isn't it great when someone "famous" in your craft comments on your blog?

beki said...

So nice!