Monday, April 23, 2007

too much information (TMI)

sometimes I feel like one big copy cat.

I am constantly inspired by all the creative bloggers out there, that I feel like I end up copying them instead of coming up with something fresh and new.

I am using an idea borrowed from kat of Taylor Made Designs. She has been doing a Friday RoundUP where she sums up the blogging discussion of the week. It's very cool.

Today I am going to do my own sort of RoundUP. I am going to attempt to answer a passel of questions that have been posted in the comments over the past several posts.

Melissa asked why she saw only 94 posts when I did my hundredth post give away. I guess I had technically written 100 but had only published 94 of them. Somewhere along the line 6 of them bit the dust. Wow, Melissa, what an eye for detail you have. Good for you. I see why you are in accounting! (can you send me your e-mail address please?)

Clair asked if I needed any more fabric. Well, no, but I'll always take more, you know that.

Kevin asked if it was too late to win something. Yes, Kevin, you missed it!
(this is my husband giving me a hard time. he needs a new gig, but I still love him.)

Clair asked what the scrap quilt is for. I don't know yet. I had a bunch of scraps that matched so I thought I would sew them together. I finished the quilt top last Friday.

approximately size: twin

Anina asked what size do I consider a scrap. That is a tough one. When I was refolding my stash if it didn't wrap around my 6" wide cutting ruler it went into the scrap buckets.

Anina also asked if I would come to organize her craft room. I offered to if she would fly me out....but it looks like she went and did it herself. Too bad for me, I always wanted to visit the pacific northwest.

Melissa asked how I was making my crochet striped blanket. It is worked in rows, and each row is a different color. It is a lot of fun to pick the yarn colors as you go, and it prevents boredom by changing colors each row. I would definitely recommend making one.

Natasha asked about my quilting. I quilt all my own quilts on my Juki TL-98Q. I bought this machine last October after my cheapo sewing machine died after 5+ years and 30+ quilts. I love my Juki and would heartily recommend one to anyone. The instruction manual says "For Professional Use". Sweet. I am so glad my husband talked me into spending the money on a decent machine. (I tend to be on the frugal side.) It makes a ton of difference, and since I bought it I have GREATLY reduced the number of puckers in each quilt. It has knocked my socks off.

Now a few other notes I thought I would share.

On sewing with vinyl. Roxanne asked about vinyl dulling the needle. I didn't notice it, really. My machine will sew through 4 layers of vinyl no problem. Like I said, that Juki is one sweet machine. I don't know how other machines react to vinyl, but my experience with it was great. I would recommend trying it.

Many people have asked me how I get so much crafting done. And since I love reading about others' creative process, (in the 4-18-07 post) I thought I would share a bit of my own.

Creating is a huge passion of mine. I always have several projects going at a time. My craft room is in the utility room of our home. I share it with my washer and dryer, so I can sew and do laundry at the same time. This works out very well, as I do a LOT of laundry. My boys' room is right across the hall and they play while sew. It is nice to be so close to them when working, but they are not under foot. There are usually many interruptions, but I can leave everything set up in my craft room and jump in where I left off when I get a chance. I am a huge multi-tasker. And I have heard that I am a high energy person. I don't watch TV during the day-just after the kids go to bed. Then I sit in bed and crochet or blog or hand stitch binding, or whatever. I go to bed way too late each night. I am always working on something. Always. I sew or crochet with the baby on my lap. I read to the kids when I am working on a project. I find that creating is extremely therapeutic. It is nice to have something tangible to gauge my accomplishments. (Unlike cleaning house and cooking.) I also stay home A LOT. We don't go out much-even for errands, because with 2 or 3 little ones (depending if there is school or not) in tow it is just too much work. And when you have small kids, it is unwise to mess with their schedules. (eating, naps, etc.) I have become a homebody lately, but I consider it adapting to my current circumstances. I'd also like to think that I am striving to live a more simple life. Making do instead of running to the store of that one ingredient for a dinner that I am trying to whip up between projects. Alright, I guess I'll leave it at that...for now. You know me-I'll have more to add to this topic later. I hope that I haven't bored you to tears.

Have an enjoyable day.


Anina said...

Wow! That was a great post! And now I feel like I should get more done, you're so inspiring!
And, yes, I organized the craft room myself, although it'll probably be a mess again in a couple of weeks if you'd like another opportunity...

Suzanna said...

Life is one Big Copy. Anybody who tells you different is just flattering themselves.

Great post. I got more done when my children were little then now when two of three are out of the house. It's all okay. What I lack in industry, I make up for in history.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I can identify with so much that you've said. I've got a 4 year old and a 13 year old and it's dreadful trying to take them anywhere...especially together. I stay home a lot too..that way they can occupy themselves with out to much hassle!

Roxanne said...

I love the round-up!! I totally know what you mean about feeling like a copy cat! But really, that's what is great about the ideas that happen out here, they seem to grow and expand as each person tries them out. Plus, do you think there is really such a think as a new idea anymore? I have to chuckle everytime I see your scrap quilt. The only "quilting" I ever did was help Becky make a quilt out of all of our combined scraps (she sewed, I ironed). It looks almost exactly like the one you have pictured and has a lot of the same fabric. I never finished it, but I think I should dig it out just to show you!! Great minds think alike I guess!

Linda said...

I have always admired your talent and creativity. I have really appreciated being able to share creative ideas with you over the last several years. I know what you mean about feeling like a copy cat, too. Somehow we all seem to have our own twist, even on old ideas, that's what's fun about sharing ideas and seeing each other's projects. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Assembly of God Worship Team said...

I'm sure glad you got all that information out of your system here I'm not sure I could've paid attention -- I'm working hard on my new gig.

Love ya'

Natasha said...

What a lovely post and am I total nerd for getting a kick out of seeing my name in print on your blog? Hmmmmm.

I love that you talked about feeling like a copy cat- I feel that so often when I am creating- then suddenly what I am working on morphs into my own creation as the ideas flow. I know you know what I mean!

Lol to Kevin..... "not sure I could've paid attention" so funny and honest.

Anonymous said...

oh I love your worries. I would never, ever think you were copying :) I think more people should do a roundUP :) Thanks for the link :)

You are so productive. Love your quilts and seeing/hearing how you work. I'm just getting into sewing so when the time comes, I'll have to check out your sewing machine. Having the right tools makes creating so much easier.

Like you, I try to make due than run out to the store. It's much easier to live that way!

Oh, your husband – Hilarious :)

LeeAnn said...

It amazing how much time the TV takes up in your day! Through budgeting reasons, then after we were weaned off for a few months, we are currently without TV. Though we still have a netflix subscription. However, I fear my internet usage has replaced my TV time. At least I get to read all you crafters! Much better than a sitcom!

Melissa said...

I loved the round up post too.

I love seeing all your projects and you are probably the best multi-tasker I know. I start things, get interrupted and have a hard time getting back it it. I have been working on sewing a pair of pants for the past year and half. I would like to start quilting, but I think I better stick to crocheting for now. Quilting could become more addicting.