Monday, April 09, 2007

loads of goodness

Things are finally getting back to a routine...lots of organizing and putting things away going on around here. I have some fabulous new items that traveled home with me.

A little pillowcase dress for my sweet little girl.

Thanks for swapping with me, Linda. I love it. (I would have little A model it, but she's still waking up from her nap...) You are an excellent seamstress! I am so impressed with your ability to sew, as always.

Roxanne was super generous to my family, with gifts all around.
I love my new orange bag. She is one talented purse-making gal. They are even better in person than in the photographs.

A little purse for A. (her first purse!)

And a matching wee bunny.

And my little artists are working on filling up their fantastic notebooks.

Some of P's artwork, age 4.

a mountain with clouds and V birds....(p's description)

spiderman hanging from a tree...getting the bad batman.

and an alien. (I love kid artwork!!!)

Now, some of Z's drawings....age 6.

Easter eggs (with little sister's hand, of course)

fresh frout (fruit) in Michigan.

Thanks so much Roxanne...and Linda. I love my new stuff.


Roxanne said...

Wow - that is some fantastic art!! So glad they are enjoying them, and that you girls like your purses! I've said it before, but I'll say it again, routines are the best!! Glad you're back on yours already.

Linda said...

The boys are quite the artists! They must take after Mom in that category!;) Glad you like the dress! The pillowcase dresses are super easy to make, I'm sure you could make one yourself! They are all of 4 straight seams and a little binding for the arm holes. It was so good to see you!

Amy Jo said...

Beautiful stuff....especially love the orange bag....i think i need to make one of those!!!

Anina said...

So fun!
I love the fresh "frout"!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you all made it home safely and soundly. It was amazing joy to see you and the family while you were in mn.
The boys are amazing artists. They are so young but their artwork is so detailed. Trust me, it's incredible. (Maryn's still just scribbling and calling it pictures).

Clair said...

Fun pictures by the boys. I think you could frame some of their stuff and hang it on the wall.