Monday, January 15, 2007

velcro letter board

Hello there! I am so happy to get back here to my blog. I've missed it! But I did survive a week without any blogging! Aren't you proud of me? Kev asked me what I had accomplished in my week of no blogging. I said, "not much", but then I rattled off a fairly impressive list of things. I won't list them all here and now, but I think that throughout the week you will see most of what I have accomplished.

This is a project that has been in the works for YEARS!!! Maybe 5 or 6. Yes, I realize that most normal people (I am nowhere near normal) buy refrigerator magnets for their kids. That would be way too easy for's got to me much more complex and handmade! It's a sickness. :)

We got the velcro on a roll on clearance at JoAnn's and the cabinet door at Gopher Bargain Center in St. Cloud, MN (I heart Gopher! This deserves it's own post someday.)

I made lots of extra letters, and I also made the fabric box a few months ago. (it's my prototype, so I still have some kinks to work through.)

And here it is, leaned up against my couch, complete. Ahhhh, such a relief to have this taken off my "in progress" list. It is so fun to use this with my boys.

Thank you all for Kev's birthday wishes. We had a great weekend of celebrating. I couldn't let the kids in on any of the planning, because they aren't so good with the secret keeping yet. I sent him guitar shopping on Saturday, and he bought a beautiful new one...needless to say he was very excited. So much fun.

1. A day spent with my friend Amy, playing fabric and working on a quilt
2. My dad, who turns 63 today
3. Tylenol for my teething baby girl (and me)


Roxanne said...

I am so glad you're back!! Missed you a bunch last week, but I am very proud of you for resisting for a whole week! Wow!

Love the velcro letters...they look cute in a room and are educational - what more could a mom ask for!

I will be happy to pick up the lunch trays for you. Hope you can come and get them before too long! But shipping costs would definitely make them pretty expensive - like a trip to MN is cheaper!! Ha!

Also, amen to the baby tylenol. Sydney has has been on a pretty constant Advil dose for a few days now. Teething is the worst. Her little cheeks get bright red and she is so crabby we can hardly stand her...sounds familiar I bet!

Linda said...

OOH a new guitar! J will be jealous!

Looks like you got quite a bit done! Love the letters, I'm sure the kids do too!

Anonymous said...

It's great to have you back.
I loved the velcro letters = way cute.
Can't wait to see your other projects. Maybe someday you'll inspire me . . . maybe is the key word :)

Roxanne said...

Thanks for the link to the tissue holders! That looks pretty easy, similar to how I make pillows, just smaller. I took the easy way out on the apron this time and just made it to go around my waste. Its pretty small too, like if I had on a very inappropriate mini skirt! I know, bad visual, but its all I could think of!! :)

Clair said...

I am glad that you got a lot done...I think that blogging is definitely a distraction. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. I am getting more posts on my blog, take a look.

becki said...

Love the letter board! Nice to hear that you are originally from MN..I love that state. I know we have to deal with the cold, but sometimes it's worth it!!

Anonymous said...

hi there, i very amazed with ur work and need to do some of my own lettering with velcro material, just wondering how did u do ur own design? with what material etc? as i am a student and want to design some lettering for my degree show. if possible if u can email thats would great! keep up with the lovely work xx