Saturday, January 20, 2007

more than a dishcloth

These photos prove that I can (almost) follow knitting instructions.

I got the pattern from the Mason Dixon Knitting book.

I used peaches and cream cotton yarn.
It took me 3 tries (at least) to get this one completed.

But now I know that I can follow a pattern, which was the main goal of this project. Never mind that it was the easiest pattern in the book, and it nearly stumped me. So now it is back to improvising! What I do best. I knit these on bamboo skewers because I only had size 8 needles or larger in the house, and I needed something a little bit smaller. The skewers worked well once I sanded them down a little bit. I read in a book that someone actually used turkey basters to knit a scarf! Isn't that crazy?

1. The China Inn - my family's all time favorite resturant
2. My warm house
3. Lots of quilts (I have been so cold today!)


Linda said...

Look at you go! I'm not ready to try that yet! LOL. My MIL wants me to teach her a crochet pattern to use for a baby blanket. YIPES! I love my MIL, but she is a little challenged when it comes to crafty stuff!

Monica said...

wow, what a good job. I've got the book, but I deemed them too difficult... maybe I'll try them next...

(another project added to the list!)

Roxanne said...

Wow! I am impressed, those look great! And on bamboo skewers no less - you are a genius! I can definitely see using turkey basters! One of my favorite sets of needles are size 35. You would be amazed how fast you go on needles that big, especially when you are used to skewers!!! You will think you could be a scarf making machine :)

becki said...

Wow! Those look great! I just love crocheted wash cloths, they last the longest and make dishwashing fun!!

julieree said...

lovely! I have been wanting to try those dishcloths for some time. Definitely need to brush up my knitting skills though!

Suzanne said...

This post is cracking me up. I want to knit a scarf but it calls for size 36 needles which I don't have and don't feel like purchasing right now. I don't have anything even remotely close but Santa did bring each of my boys a jumbo thick pencil that is nearly the right size. Yes, I am going to abscond with my children's pencils to knit. I'll give them back, I promise.