Friday, April 30, 2010


43" square

I made this little quilt for my daughter, who turned 4 yesterday, using Anita's fabulous tutorial for the birds.

It was intended to be a lap quilt but it does double duty as a cute wall hanging for my dining room. It's perfect for the little birthday/tea party that I am hosting tomorrow. I thought it was only fitting to whip up some birds to hang from the chandelier to match.
Happy Weekend!

Monday, April 26, 2010

explaining myself

Thanks so much for your gracious response to my re-entry into blog land. I'm very thankful that you all are so excited! I've missed you guys! I'm excited and a little bit nervous, too, if I'm going to be truthful.

I feel like I need to explain myself a bit. You see, I try to be a woman of my word as much as possible. Back in January when I said I was done blogging, I really thought I was done. Then tax time rolled around and I needed info on some quilts I had donated. Well, I looked back on my blog and it was all there. How handy! Plus, I saw tiny snippets of my life that I had recorded over the past few years. It all made me realize just how valuable my blog is to me and what a great documentation tool it is. So, here I am, back at it, for better or worse. :)

The quilt shown above is a king size that I stippled for my haircut girl. We worked out an arrangement where we are bartering haircuts (and highlights!) for quilting services. It's a happy arrangement for both of us! I'll admit that I'm glad that she will be the one binding this monster quilt.

Happy Monday to you!