Monday, October 08, 2007

wanna swap?

I have a package of Quilt Patis that I don't have a use for any longer and I was wondering if anyone would like to swap for a bunch of good cotton fabric scraps? (US only please, to save on shipping costs.) Quilt Patis are reusable plastic templates used for making grandmother's flower garden quilts. There are 40 plastic templates in the package-1.5" on each side.

edit: they are taken.


Anonymous said...

man i am tempted but i'm not going to get around to making one of those for years... so I'll leave them for someone else to snap up! :)

antique quilter said...

I would love to swap for these! will send you an email
Kathie in NJ

Anina said...

How cool! This would have saved me a bunch of time cutting out little hexagons.