Sunday, December 03, 2006

the quilt that started it all

My first quilt I ever made for my firstborn. It is well loved, well used and still in pretty good shape. The flannel has faded, but it is holding together great for just being tied, not quilted. I have thought many times about going back to quilt it, but somehow I just can't bring myself to do it. It was made over 6 years ago for my sweet little boy. I love him so much.

My thanks go to Nancy, who taught me how to quilt. I am so thankful for your time and patience with me.


Roxanne said...

Hi Amanda - my mom told me about your blog a few weeks ago and ever since I am hooked on craft blogs!! So, thanks, I think! I just started my own, at Not much there yet, but hopefully soon. Hope to chat with you more soon! ~ Roxy B. in Fargo

Linda said...

Aww! What a sweet picture of Z. I remember when you made that quilt! You have come a long way!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is gorgeous - leave it as it is Amanda. Don't you just love watching them sleep!