Wednesday, November 22, 2006

softies and dinosaur bones

This is the first softie I made without a pattern. I got started on the whole softie business from Miss Hillary and her wee bunny pattern, which I love. (That is another post for another day!) Anyway, many months ago, I was working on decorating the nursery for our baby #3 in something gender neutral...hard to do, let me tell you. But these prints from IKEA were perfect. I bought this set of 5 postcards way back in 1999 and have had them sitting around since. Seven years later (yikes!) I finally got them framed and hung. Well, my husband decided that I should try making stuffed animals for the baby based on these. Being a very determined pregnant woman, I spent an afternoon working on this giraffe. I was tickled when my husband loved the results. I guess I caught his vision and executed it perfectly. See, we have our rolls: he is the idea man and I am the executioner. I loved the results as well and moved on to making the pig. (Note: I made these much earlier in the year...just posting them now since I am new to blog land.)

So now the giraffe has a friend. They are sitting on a shelf I made several years ago based on something in the Pottery Barn kids catalog. There are 3 more prints in the set, which I have not yet attempted.

This last picture is of a dinosaur 6 year old was off from school today due to PINK EYE! And this is one of the things he came up with to amuse himself today.
When I told him it was time to clean it up, he protested.
He wanted to show dad.
I suggested he take a digital picture of it.
No more complaints! Love that digital camera.
Looking at it closer, I am impressed with his creativity. (And no, my carpet doesn't have stains, I spilled my water while carrying the baby.)

Tomorrow, my thankful list.


Linda said...

LOVE the dinosaur skeleton! Z is a creative little guy! Sorry to hear he got the crud, too. Hope they are both feeling better soon and that no one else gets it! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Annie Crow said...

Reading this several years later - but love that dinosaur skeleton.