Saturday, November 04, 2006

birthday gifts and tiny little slippers

A purse made for my little neighbor who is turning 2 soon!

With a few goodies....

...wrapped up and ready to go.

a closer look at the tags...simple but sweet

Some little slippers for my girl :0) These teeny tiny slippers make me so happy. I bought these at a craft show today. (They happen to match the color scheme in my house, as my friend pointed out.) Now I will have to make something for the girl to match these little slippers....possibly learn to knit a teeny tiny sweater to match? Why do I always do this? I am glad that I don't know how to make these slippers , because the girl would have 20 or more pairs of these by the time I was done . I tend to overdo things a times... ok, all the time!
I also bought some slippers for me that are crocheted, but not nearly as cute, as my feet are a size 9. They are so warm and comfy. And at $4.50, they were a fantastic deal. They remind me of ones that my great aunt made for us when we were kids. They were usually made of (ugly) green yarn and had the pointy toes... that now remind me of something from Dr. Seuss. Does anyone else remember these?


Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

yeah I make those ones with the pointy toes, I think. The ones using like 6 granny squares. Heehee. I had to 'create' the pattern off a picture my sis's best friend had of needing a new pair cause she wore them holey.