Wednesday, November 29, 2006

instant (almost) gratification projects

Being a quilter, I find the need to make a project that doesn't take weeks or months to complete...something that takes just a few hours. That is where these particular projects fit in.

Soft trees.

Free download here, thanks to Stephanie.
I want to make a hundred of these little things. So quick and easy and CUTE!

Zipper pouch.

I am proud to say that I now have successfully sewn a zipper. First time ever. It was nice to accomplish this. (I had to get out the sewing machine manual to determine which foot was the zipper foot.) This tutorial was infinitely helpful for making the pouch. Thanks Anna!

*does posting get easier? it took me what felt like forever to post this....any tips? please?


Anonymous said...

Ok, those Christmas trees are adorable!!! What a wonderful way to use up scraps :-) Sounds like you had a great day!!
amy jo

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree, those trees are too cute!!! gonna have to give it a go for sure! thx for th link! and hmmm, does posting get easier?! well, i have been doing it for a year and it wasnt until april/may that things started picking up.... i had my blog for only illustrations at first but then i was never posting... when i decided to go ahead and ramble about life, other cool blogs and links, odds and ends, swaps, etc, is when not only did i start posting more, but got more readers... this month the goal was to post daily and that was hard but what i do is this: if i think of a good post throughout the day, i write it down for a future post.... that helps.... i have been told i was verbose :( but i admit i can ramble... its just a good way to journal thoughts and ideas and get others to know you and your personality....

hope that helped:D

Clair said...

Okay, Amanda, cute trees...but does your family use them like the bunnies you made at Easter?