Friday, November 18, 2016


Welcome to finish it up Friday!

It's been another busy week, but I have some small finishes to share today. Small, but pretty darn cute!
I made these pincushions as samples for my local quilt shop. All 4 of these designs are in my pattern Plenty of Pincushions, Volume 1. I had to make new pincushions because I couldn't bear to part with the originals. Turns out these won't be easy to part with, either, even if it is only for a time! :) These are scrap project #186!
I decided yesterday that I'm going to try to make an entire quilt out of those little sailboats (top left). It's going on my bucket list!!! Each little individual square finishes at 1". It'll probably take me a lifetime to make the quilt....or, it'll end up as a mini or pillow cover. Hahaha! But seriously, can you imagine??? It's going to be epic!
One more finish....this may only be exciting to me, but I finally have my pincushion patterns in print! (Thus the need for the shop samples.) These are only available as wholesale right now, for local quilt shops to purchase, but getting a pattern to this point takes a long time, so it's definitely worth celebrating! Woohoo!

Because I think EVERYONE needs more pincushions in their life, I'd like to do a little giveaway. This giveaway will be for you AND a friend. Each of you will win a copy of the pattern! If you would like to be entered in the drawing, please leave a comment in this post. I'd love to hear a little bit about your friend/friendship and why you chose them for the drawing. I'll pick a winner in a few days! Please, leave your email address in the comment, so I have a way of contacting you.

edited to add: the giveaway is now closed. winners have been notified via email.

Ok, now it's your turn! Please link up your finishes for the week. Thank you for joining me for finish it up Friday!


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Baa. xxx said...

Love your pincushions! The pattern is fab! Would share with my quilting buddy Suz

tahoe34 said...

Holly and I have been the best of friends for over 40 years. She has been there for me through thick and thin, and has helped me through the best and the worst of times, including my battle with breast cancer 10 years ago. She and I also share the quilting bug,,,,I would love to gift her your beautiful pincushion pattern!

Crochet Addict UK said...

I love your Pincushions. If I were to win I would love my best friend to get a copy of the pattern. We have never met, live on different continents but she is always there for me. She makes life so much better.

Unknown said...

I would love to win these and I would share them with my newest friend Ann. I connected with Ann at my first quilt retreat and she was so generous to everyone at the retreat with her creations I would love to win this, make one for her and give her the pattern too!
Thank you so much for the chance to win this!!!
Love watching you create and truly love being inspired by you!

artsycraftsyivy said...

Love your pincushions! I have this friend, Allison. We get together one or twice a month to sew together. She's my best quilty friend.

Sandra said...

These are adorable! My sister and I are always there for each other. She got into quilting last year; I don't quilt (yet), but I've followed your blog for years. I've decided to join her at winter quiltfest this year, so excited!! Esandra at gmail

Sam said...

Would love this book as a teaching tool for my High School Costume Crew. We always have a "Personal Project" session to expand their sewing skills.

QuiltyMor said...

You have given me a new appreciation for all things tiny!! I would share with my friend Nancy who helped me learn to love quilting and taught me lots of tricks and techniques.

Unknown said...

Your pincushions are so sweet...just like my friend Darcy. We met at a quilt guild meeting over 24 years ago. We keep track of the time by my sons birthday. I was enormously pregnant at that meeting so we know our friendship is as old as he is!
I'd love to share your pincushion pattern with her :)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Congratulations on your pattern. Very exciting. I'd love for my friend Dena @ No Frickin Blog Yet to win this pattern. She is my go-to person when I need help with quilt math, and she always has a quick reply for me.

Tracybug Creative said...

Yay for some fun finishes including PRINT patterns... Dreams do come true! My friend Hillary is my homeschool / sewing quilting friend. We don't get to see much of each other, but we communicate often on lots of passions!

michelle said...

I would love this pattern for my two girlfriends that I share studio space with. We all do sewing and then each explore other creative options too. I have made them each a pincushion being inspired by your July pincushion a day post. I would love to give them each one of your patterns. A great giveaway and have a super good week!

Donna Bridges said...

I'd like to share the pincushion pattern with a quilt guild friend. Quilt guild helps so much in getting projects finished for show and tell so I'd like to donate the pattern to the raffle.

Anita said...

I'd like to win the pattern for my friend Ginny whom I met over 20 years ago when she came to my garage sale and bought all of the quilting stuff that I had in the sale. Of course that started us talking and now we spend whatever free time we can manage sewing and junking together.

atinlin at skillsinc dot biz

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