Tuesday, September 04, 2007

what I did on my (last weekend of) summer vacation

Sandwiched this quilt.
Started quilting it.
Decided that stippling wasn't the right style of quilting for the graphic design of the quilt. So I ripped one bobbin's worth of stitching out if the quilt. It was very time consuming. Now I am stitching in the ditch, and I am not good at it.
Threw a birthday party for my sister.
Which called for some home made banners (paper and yarn) with the help of my oldest.
And baked a few cakes. And cooked. And cleaned.
My brother and my other sister stayed overnight.
Went to a Labor Day party at my sister's place. Took the kids swimming and enjoyed hanging out with my family.
Made a pair of pajama pants for Zach.
My fear of sewing clothing is decreasing. I actually followed a pattern.
I used Simplicity 4336. It was quick and easy.
Beaded a necklace.
And some earrings. Sulu inspired, for sure.

And I worked on quilting my quilt.
What did you do?


Elizabeth said...

Wow! You rock with accomplishments this weekend! Everything looks great. Really like the jewelry!

We went to picnics and just relaxed. I'm afraid I didn't create a thing.... mmmm. back on that tonight!

Anonymous said...

Love those PJ pants! Too cute!

As for me, I made MY FIRST QUILT!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Mommy and Mimi said...

Those PJ pants are way CUTE!! love the necklace and earrings too!!

Roxanne said...

Holy Cow! You were a busy gal! Love the jewelry. I went to my first real bead store over the weekend - WOW. I think I might be hooked. I tried to control myself and only get stuff for specific projects. But WOW.

lera said...

Aren't you ever productive?! Geesh, lady!

Your quilt is looking great. That stinks you had to rip out the stippling.

I also threw a party this weekend. A surprise 40th anniversary party for my parents.

(I had to stitch in the ditch last week and wasn't very good either.)

Anonymous said...

You put me to shame!

We did a nice road trip to the cape and managed to do some crafting... but nothing like you!

Sorry to hear you had to rip out all those stitches. boo hoo. Looks terrific though.

And wow, look at those beads.
A new hobby in the making?

Thimbleanna said...

You far surpassed me in accomplishments this weekend! I agree on the stippling -- I'll bet you'll be much happier with straight quilting. If stitch-in-the-ditch is too hard and it's not too late, you could try 1/4" quilting -- that might look good too!

Clair said...

Well, I guess you did get lots done. I did no crafting, but some organizing of letters.

Chara Michele said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a pretty busy weekend!
I read a book, went on a dinner date with my husband, took a few walks, took some photos... Obviously my weekend was not very busy:) (I do have an excuse though, because it was a bit too hot to do much of anything outside.)

Di said...

Wow - what an action packed weekend!! Sounds like a marvellous time was had by all! Love the quilt!

carolyn said...

Quilt is a beauty---VERY Gee's Bend! I love those! so cudos!

Lindsay Blau Portnoy said...

Um, I'm embarrassed to tell you what I did when I read all of the amazing things you have done this weekend!

I think you are still my hero! My weekend of cooking and wandering around with husband and dog in tow pale in comparison to your adventures.

Thank you for sharing and inspiring!


Heidijayhawk said...

okay.first i'm catching my breathe from reading about YOUR weekend!

worked on two quilts.

lounged by the pool.


a friend to knit with said...

WOW! way to go on all of your accomplishments! i make my children flannel pants...they are the best....and your little guys tootsies....ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

you got a lot done!

Anonymous said...

I checked my blog this morning and saw that you left a comment!! I'm so HONORED! I LOVE your blog and I'm always checking up on you to see what you are working on. You are my quilting inspiration! :) You made my day!

Amy Jo said...

Boy, I sure wish you would do something on these holiday weekends instead of getting nothing accomplished. Geeesh!!!

You amaze me!! The quilts look beautiful! The pants are cute! And throwing a party?!?!? You are a crazy woman!!

I'm impressed!

Amy Jo said...

Oh, I forgot.....the jewelry is spectacular!!


Breanna said...

Wow! Everything looks fabulous. I wish I could say I have been productive. I have been very busy, but I have no idea what I have been doing, as I have nothing to show for my efforts... The earrings are so pretty!

Katherine said...

Yeesh! Are you that productive every weekend??? I'm totally impressed and in awe...

Anonymous said...

Wow! You certainly accomplished a lot. Your projects all look great! My biggest accomplishments were finishing drawing a fake boardwalk onto a 140 foot roll of paper and finishing my scarf.

Anonymous said...

Nice pjs.

I attended the birthday party (a fine party, thank you), went camping, cleaned, finished the baby afghan, cooked and grilled, hosted a Labor day event.

And I got the worst case of poison ivy ever. My fingers keep growing purpler and bigger (one is about as chubby as dad's). No more cooking or cleaning for me this week. The water hurts.

sulu-design said...

Yay! You're working with beads!!! They're so much fun, right? I can't believe how productive you've been, and in so many different ways. I'm glad to see that you're starting to try patters - I can't imagine that you of all people would have any trouble with them.