Saturday, August 04, 2007

a little late to the game

I'm joining in on the alphabet meme thingy going on because I am feeling not only blog burnout, but burnout all around. I am going to be adding my own twist: I will be listing some of my favorite things, just to narrow it down a little bit.

Artwork from my little artists. (I know I posted this picture before, but I love it. And to be honest I am too lazy to take a new photo and post it.)


Apple picking at the orchard with my (very excited) boys.

Autumn. I love the season and almost everything about it.


Alphabet (children's) books.


And of course, my little A. This photo was taken a few months ago. I have this photo on the desktop of my computer. It makes me smile every time I see it.

One of my favorite TV shows: America's Got Talent.

Wanna play along? What are some of your favorites?


lera said...

What a sweet photo of little A.

I would definitely say "avocado," too. Mmmm.

Yummers! said...

We used to go to Michigan to visit friends frequently. In the fall we always went to a particular orchard that made apple juice as you watched and it tasted so good. But, now that you are in Wisconsin, you'll find lots of good orchards and a beautiful Fall. The states are very similar.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Autumn!! The best!

Anonymous said...

Nice list! And what a cute picture! I also like "artichoke" or "asparagus."

Deirdre said...

why are you feeling burned out in general? need some pick me ups? i'm doing the encyclopedia meme too. maybe we can do another meme -- "What I Do To Get Over the Blahs" meme (that doesn't involve eating! LOL)

Anina said...

Another avocado fan! I've kind of been listing my favorite stuff too (which included avocados on "A" day).
Why are you feeling burnt out? Has summer just been hot and exhausting?

Anonymous said...

avocado - yum! that should have been on my list too!

laura capello said...

awwwweee... look at those two little teeth!

Linda said...

Hmm, I commented this morning and it isn't here....
One of my favorite A's is ... Amanda! (of course little A, too!) I really appreciate you, my friend!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I realized recently that my favorite vegetable is an asparagus + fruit is an Avocado- well let me rephrase that- I realized that I love to eat things that start with the letter "A" + my Sesame Street education served me well.

What a fun thing to do, unfortunately my time is limited lately.