Sunday, November 05, 2006


These swans live right across the road from me. They make me so happy! I love walking through the house busily going about my day, looking out my living room window and catching a glimpse of them. Now that the leaves have fallen to the ground I see them several times a day and it's fantastic. Last year there were two and I am happy to see that there are now five.

My husband and I have lived "in town" all of our married life up until nearly 2 years ago, when we bought our home in the country. It's a modest but very comfortable house that we have happily been transforming to make it our home. It has been so nice to put our personal touches on this house so that it really feels like our home. Now, because of who we are, we will always have a home that is a work in progress. Always. But there is so much satisfaction in the journey and the end result.

This past summer my good friend Erin and her family came to visit me (hurray!) and she got to see our home. She said that she had seen our homes in many incarnations, but this was the best one yet. It made me feel so good to hear that. I have lists and list of things that I want to make to add to my home. The list grows longer and longer as I visit other blogs filled with lots of inspiration. But I am happy with what I've done and I am glad to have lots of fun things to look forward to making. Half the fun in creating is the dreaming, isn't it?

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