Monday, April 02, 2012

a new WIP and a giveaway

Connecting Threads has a brand spankin' new fabric line called Matsuri. It's be-au-t-iful cotton lawn fabric. If you aren't sure exactly what cotton lawn fabric is, thankfully wikipedia knows! I had to do a little research myself. This fabric is so, so nice and the colors are wonderful!
The top left print in the block above is my absolute favorite! I was very curious to how it would sew up, since it is such fine fabric, but it sews up beautifully. I'm sashing it with plain white quilting cotton, and I'm happy to report that mixing the fabric weights is working very well. It's another thing I was curious about.

I'm using this tutorial by Ashley at film in the fridge. I think it compliments the fabric quite nicely....clean lines and perfectly sized pieces to show off the pretty prints. It's handy that I didn't have to do the math, either. Thank you, Ashley! :)
I was going to make it a lap size, as that seems to be my default size when it comes to quilt making. But about a week ago I was sewing with a few friends in the church basement. As I was working on my blocks they asked what size I was going to make the quilt. Heather, who's motto in quilting is "go big or go home", suggested I keep going. So....I'm now making this a king size. You gotta be careful who you ask advice from! When I showed my husband the photo, he said he really liked it. Works out well, since it will eventually be on our bed!
This is what I've got so far. (Please excuse the weird lines from the church basement floor.) I'm not excited to add all that skinny sashing in between, but it's going to be totally worth it! Right???

Now, for the giveaway! Connecting Threads is kindly offering up 3 fat quarter stacks of this beautiful fabric line to three of my readers. If you would like to win a fat quarter bundle, please leave me a comment in this post. In your comment I'd like to hear what your default quilt size it. As stated earlier, I almost always make lap size quilts (60" x 72") if it's not for a specific purpose. I'm not sure why, it's just the way it is! I will pick the winners next Monday. The contest is open to US and Canadian residents only.

If you are curious about cotton lawn or if you would like a few tips about sewing with lawn fabric, Connecting Threads has a fact sheet that you can download here.

One more book is back in stock! Yay!

Happy Monday to you!


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Jodi - usairdoll said...

I love your quilt, it is beautiful! I'm making a king size quilt ad well. It''s a civil war BOM, General's Wives. I have made or making all the sizes. I've made about the same number of quillts between lap and twin. It's usually depended on who was receiving the quilts.

Thank you and Connecting Threads for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win some beautiful fabric.


Anonymous said...

Haven't been brave enough to get past lap quilts yet. Maybe someday!

Deb & Mike said...

I like lap size quilts - just short of a twin size 65x70. love the fabric but haven't worked with lawn, curious about it!

Neese Family said...

I either do mini quilts and use them for table toppers, or I make queen size quilts for my guest bed. I have been making quite a few baby blankets lately! I love giving blankets to new little babies!

Terri in BC said...

My standard sizes are either a large baby or generous lap-size, but I just completely finished my first double-queen size! Thanks for the opportunity!

Renelle said...

I love to make mini quilts (24"x24"). They are quick to make and use very little fabric. Since I have very little money invested in them, I can make many different ones with a fat quarter bundle and give them away. People love to receive them to use as a small wall hanging or a centerpiece in the middle of their table. Little girls love to use them as doll blankets. They just make me smile.

Meg - Tea And Brie said...

Well, I've made 2 lap quilts and 3 twin, so I guess twin wins! They were all around 80x90 :)

Diane said...

I like my quilt to be 60 x 60 at least. I am trying to make more bed size quilts but for some reason that is hard for me to do. Maybe 60 x 60 just feels more comfortable for me to quilt!

Cheryl said...

My default is a lap quilt. I like having several to choose from when I snuggle up on the sofa with a good book. "Sunday Morning Quilts" is my current book and I am absolutely loving it! Thanks for co-writing it.

jody59 said...

I mostly default to 60" X 80". almost everyone in my family is over 6' tall so the longer the better!! :)

Jane Smith said...

Those are lovely fabrics.

I don't have a typical size. I've done every size from lap protectors to the King size that I'm working on.

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