Tuesday, July 29, 2014

trying to catch up

Hello there! This is mainly a catch up post...so many little things to say!

First off, I've gone back and added links to the tutorials in my posts from Monday and Friday. If you've asked about a source, I've added links. I've answered the questions from Monday's post as well.

I've finally sifted through and responded to the questions from my most recent machine quilting post. (That took awhile!) Some of them are so hard to explain in print, but I did my best! It's clear that I need to write an entire post about consistent stitch length, because that topic came up several times. I am not making any promises, but I will TRY to make a video to explain it. (Please don't hold your breath, though.) :)

We have another Quilt Along update...

The next 20 quilts for Margaret's Hope Chest are in! Quilts have been received from:

Debbie B.
Pat P.
Valerie R.
Jeanmarie S.
Judith H.
M. Kennison
Lisa E.
Pat F.
Susanne R.
B. Stanley
Denise W.
Lisa T.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Seriously, we are amazed and thankful for your generous response! The winner of this round of entries is Valerie Root.

OH! And the winner of the Olfa prize is Adrienne. Congratulations to you, Adrienne. Thanks to the rest of you for commenting. It was SO fun to read about your sewing experience.

And because I can't do a picture-less blog post....

I'm trying to take the time to pass along my love of sewing to my daughter. It's difficult, because I'm selfish and I want to sew ALL of the things. I'm trying really hard to be intentional about it, so today we had a sewing session. It went really well! Here's to the next generation of quilters!
Have a fantastic day. xo