Monday, June 16, 2008

star quilt along, week 8

Welcome to week 8 of the star quilt along!

cut 4 rectangles 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" from a dark fabric

cut 4 squares 2 1/2" from a medium fabric

cut 4 squares 2 7/8" from a medium fabric

cut all 4 squares that measure 2 7/8" in half on the diagonal once to make half square triangles
(for a total of 8 triangles)

cut one square 4 1/2" from the medium fabric

cut 4 rectangles 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" from the background fabric
cut 4 squares 2 1/2" from the background fabric

cut one square 5 1/4" from the background fabric

cut it in half twice on the diagonal to make 4 quarter square triangles

layout as shown

sew together

and square up to 12.5".

Any questions, I'll try to answer them in the comments.

Thanks for quilting along with me!


Thriftin and Craftin said...

Hi AmandaJean-

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and for the nice comment. My poor little ankle just doesn't give in. It's been over a week, and it is still very tender. I'm probably doing too much, but I can't help it. I need to chill out. Cool that you read Redeeming Love. It is intense, but it sure makes you think. Talk to ya soon!


MichelleB said...

Now this is an interesting block. I'm off to get caught up. I think I can this week.

jacquie said...

7 and 8 for me this week and hopefully the rest of the setting blocks too. As always, thanks for doing this, I love quilting along!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I hope you can answer a beginner's question for me -- one that is raised by your instructions for each of the blocks: When at the end you say to "square up" the block to 12.5 -- why do you assume that it will have come out "too big" in one dimension or another, instead of having come out, say, 12.00 or 12.25? Many thanks for any advice.

Katherine said...

Hee, hee! I'm so happy to see the block for week #8. Once I make mine, I will be caught up. Then I will have to be patient for the rest of the blocks. I'm having such a good time making this quilt top - thank you so much Amandajean!

Melody said...

Amandajean, Thanks so much for doing this!! I have been wanting to quilt and with you making it look so easy, I think I may be able to follow along. I have not started yet but will soon.

I would hug ya if I could but since I am in California, you will just have to consider this a long distance ((HUG))

Thanks again!!

Amanda Jean said...


unless the seam allowances are one hundred percent accurate, the block will not come out at 12.5" unfinished. the goal is an unfinished 12.5" block. when I square up my block I usually have a bit to trim off. by trimming off any uneven edges, it makes the construction of the quilt top easier and more accurate. if the block is less than 12.5" when assembling the quilt top, the points of the stars will be cut off and the over all size of the quilt will be reduced. some people are choosing to go that route, and that is fine, too.

I hope this helps!


Liz said...

Very cool block.

Karen said...

This looks like a snazzy block! I have been "auditioning" fabrics to use for it, but still not quite decided.

Thanks for doing this! It's such fun!

~Niki~ said...

Love the quilt Amanda Jean! You are welcome to come join us quilters on my new just us quilters blog. Get listed!
We'd love 2 have you. Hugs! Niki

Heidijayhawk said...

i love this block. it looks like you can really play with colors in some interesting ways with this one!

Renee said...

Well, I am all caught up. Finished Week 8 block last night. This has been so much fun. Thanks Amanda, this is quite an undertaking to do with all you have on your plate. How was the zoo? I loved going to the zoo. Can't wait for the next block. Keep the piece. Renée

Tara McLean Derricott said...

I'm finally caught up, and can now quilt-a-long instead of quilting behind! Thanks... this is really fun!!!

rachelmp said...

Hi Amandajean. I'm all ready to go on this one over the weekend. Its been great to use up some of my bits and pieces - lots of fun too!

Rebekah said...

cute! I love the red gingham!

*kathleen* said...

I am joining in....very late..more like, i'll wait until your done then start mine...this is beautiful!