Wednesday, June 04, 2008

to do

Today's to do list:

1. handstitch the binding on this quilt (I normally detest bias binding, but sometimes it's necessary...I'm glad I didn't wimp out this time!)

2. relax.

Yep, that's seriously my to do list for today. And after the past few weeks, boy, do I need it!

What's on your "to do" list for today?


Tracy said...

my to do .. pack 6 kids one husband and myself into the car for a 3 hour car trip to the big smoke :) I think I'd prefer to do what you're doing :)

Maria Stahl said...

1. Transcribe 1200 lines of dictation.
2. Prepare church treasurer report.
3. Keep children from murdering one another.
4. Go to church council meeting.

Not a fun day...

Anina said...

For today:
1. Get some paint for the mantel at Home Depot (and tomato cages).
2. Drive the 30 mile round trip to fetch J at school.
3. Work on my latest quilt project
4. Make the Baby Jane block for tomorrow

Not too bad.

sarah, rsm said...

Enjoy your day! :)
And mine?
1. laundry
2. writing and submission of proposal via internet
3. errands
4. a bit of sewing

I cannot complain!

sulu-design said...

I am SO glad to read your list. Number two is exactly what you need! Enjoy the relaxation.
1. Grocery shopping
2. Work
3. Gym
4. Paint toe nails
5. Make earrings
See you tomorrow when we start it all over again.

Anonymous said...

Handstitching a binding is on my to-do list tonight, too!

Philigry said...

oh, i am glad you are realxing..
1.get nephew birthday present
2.wash slipcovers
3.knit a cowl
4.go to birthday party
5. more knitting, maybe sewing after the kids go to bed.

Jess said...

How smart to plan your relaxing.
My to do:
1. get pants on the 2-year-old.
2. go to the park.
3. go to the music store for beginning piano book for the 4-year-old.
4. buy buttons for my new sweater.

~Molly~ said...

1. go get raw milk from co-op

2. clean living room for company

3. fix big salad for dinner

4. bind quilt, by hand(hey, we have something in common today!)

5. sweep off front porch for company

6. have some ice cream


Anonymous said...

to do:
1. cut fabric for week 6 block
2. take photos of old stuff and list it on ebay
3. cook
4. do laundry

Linda said...

Good for you! I am loving the look of that gingham bias binding!
1. dentist
2. fix a visor for one of J's employees
3. work
4. tube feed cat (3 times)
5. pick up prescription
6. worship team practice
7. whatever else I can fit in...

sledgewig girl said...

Hi Amanda! I hope you don't mind, but I mentioned you in my blog today as my inspiration! I have been making some baby clothes and can't wait to tackle your baby bibs!
My list:
1. Finish Sleep Mask
2. Eat Lunch
3. Make Kringle Dough
4. Start either Baby Sleeper or Bib

lera said...

I'm trying to resist the urge to say, "I love it Amandajean. Beautiful colors and fabrics ...." :-)

So far today I went to physical therapy. While there, I had an intense hour-long conversation with my physical therapist about religion. But, the best news is that my back feels great now. This is very rare.

I am going to take it easy the rest of today. Well, sort of. Laundry is done, dishes are done, I still have to fix dinner and take the boys to scouts and go to YW for church. And then bathe all 6because Joe is out of town again. But those things don't count. That's just routine and "taking it easy."

Maria Stahl said...

*adds to list*

5. Invite self to Molly's house for dinner (I love big salads)

house on hill road said...

there is just *something* about gingham on the bias!
today i am:
1. going to the beach
2. reading
3. taking a nap
4. eating
5. drinking.
6. repeat as necessary :)

Sarah said...

Love that cherry fabric! My to do list tonight:
1. Wash my car, do my Wednesday chores.
2. Expand the back *and* top of my king-size quilt because I made them too small. (rrr)
3. Get further into season 2 of Lost (yes we are obsessed).

Marie' said...

Plaid is always so cute bias. I am glad you did it.

My list...
1. Make and send out a birthday gift to my nephew. (done)
2. Wrap and pack my niece's birthday gift. (done)
3. register kids to school for next year. (a big pain)
4. Give my son a hair cut.
5. Pack for the 10 day reunion trip
6. Wrap and pack a wedding gift (in process)
7. clean out the car and check tire pressure

Tine said...

The cherries-fabric is beautiful!

Part of my to-do list:
1: clean the house
2: grocery-shop
3: pick up my parents who are coming for a 3-day visit

Di~ said...

I'm lovin' that red and blue quilt, please show the whole thing soon, I'm itchin' to make one. My to do list for Monday is on my blog that day, will that do?

Beth said...

You deserve to relax and put your feet up - every woman does! My list today is a spill-over from yesterday, and the day before that, and before that...seems like for every thing I finish, there are two new ones in its place. My list currently includes:

1) make reservations for family camping trip in august.

2) plant extra tomato plants and herbs in pots.

3) order new checks.

4) e-mail doctoral advisor re: progress (which is none recently).

Unknown said...

Well I finished my sewing WIP for the day but I still need to - do dishes, laundry, sweep, and cook dinner. I would love to cut into some fabric for the next project if there's time before I collapse! =)

Jodie said...

Today is work, then grocery shopping but a little bit of craft-at-work at lunch time will see me through.

jacquie said...

Enjoy the relaxation. You deserve a break today!
My list
take son birthday shopping
prep house and food for the boys while we are gone
more arrangements for trip
try to rent out teenager so I can relax on the trip
finish block 6... DONE!
laundry and packing
You really don't want my whole list...

Rebekah said...

I've just started to like sewing the back of the binding on...have fun with yours!

I've got to iron some fabric for a quilt and then baste it together with the front : )

Amy Jo said...

Very pretty!!! Looks great

To Do list today:

Baseball game
Pack for weekend away
Make grocery list
List for weekend away
Fix sewing machine (hubby working on now
Go to bed early

Miss you!

Roxanne said...

Well, whatever it was on the list it didn't get done. Oh well, always tomorrow. Love the cherries!!

Anonymous said...

Looking good on that bias.
What am I going to do?
Forsake sit and sew, the chemist, the supermarket and all that and crawl back with panadol and get rid of the mizzies da aches and all dat stuff.

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like a great list.....especially #2.

For me, I babysat a grandbaby and worked on Drunkard Path blocks during naptime.

Alison said...

Catch up on my star quilt along blocks!!!:P

the pesky bombolino said...

I love these colours together and the gingham and cherries work beautifully together. I'm really intrigued by you wip (below) too, I'm looking forward to seeing how that pans out.

Anonymous said...

yes, relax my friend!!

Katherine said...

I like your to do list better than my own!
I love the peak at the quilt you're handstitching the binding on... the colours have inspired me and I'm so in love with that cherry print. Where did you find it?

Anonymous said...

1. Deliver Thank-you quilt to my son's teacher
2. update my blog
3. attend DS#2's 8th grade graduation
4. Grocery shop
Those are all done! so last on the list and next
5. Machine quilt my mothers table runner.
That will be immediately after lunch.

Nanette Merrill said...

I love checked binding on the bias. It looks so nice. Plus the red and blue with cherries is so happy looking. Love it.

Liana said...

to do:

1. guest sign in book
2. finish 2 more years of scrapbooking before tomorrow at 1pm
3. piece together a zippered pouch that's been in pieces for 2 weeks
4. create many dozens of thank you cards before sunday. (thank goodness we decided on simple!)

Paula said...

Ugh...had cut the grass on the list, but after we replaced the tires on
the riding lawnmower, it will not go into gear. Dh wants to try a few more things before we take it in. I wanted to vacuum the pool, but every time I try, white filter sand comes out of the outtake. I think there's a problem but dh is working midnights and his priority is the garden...and the little piglets...can you say obsessed? I wanted to trim the bushes, but it got too hot.

Maybe I should take that quilt I bought at a garage sale to the local quilt shop to have them machine quilt the top?
Hmmm, now there's an idea.
Hope your day's getting better, maybe I'll just take a nap?

Clair said...

1.find a home for my last tomato plant-they come in packs of 4 and I don't need the last one
2.go to quilt club
3.clean out the drawers in my kitchen and bathroom (yesterday I did all 7 of my closets)

Sweet P said...

My Wednesday list was errands and shopping and I got it all done.

I love to sew on binding. Would you be willing to pay to have it done?

kat | Taylor Made designs said...

i'm with you on #2! relax :)

Karen said...

I love the bias plaid and the cherries are very fun! As for things to do today...well, it's almost 2200 here. So tomorrow my "to do list" will be"
1. Work (0600-1800)
2. Go to dinner with kids
3. Go to JoAnn's and buy fabric
that I should have bought the
other day when I was there.