Monday, November 05, 2007

I hate titles

For those of you who asked, the purse in the last post was just one was front and back. It's a fun challenge to sew with upholstery samples because there is only a bit of each one. And then you get to mix several fabrics together. Right up my alley. :)

I have a few links for you today:

Kari of Craft Happy is a new blogger. I can tell you firsthand that she has terrific taste in fabric! (Her and I did a fabric scrap swap for Quilt Patis.) Go check out her blog and welcome her to blogland.

Lindsay of countrygirlcityliving is a fantastic food blogger. She has helped me on several occasions with that never ending question, "What should I make for dinner?" That is a good friend to be willing to help out with such important issues! And she is as sweet as can be. My dream is to go to NYC to meet her and teach her how to quilt. :)

Daria of glittergoods makes fantastic pillows. I just recently found her site and I am in love with her work. The prettiest pillow in the whole wide world is in this post, second one from the bottom. Seriously.

Feel free to send me links that you love, too.

Thanks to all of you for your sweet and continual comments. I love how you all cheer me on. I can't say it enough...thank you! Without your comments blogging would be a drag.


Roxanne said...

Oooh, all kinds of good stuff out there. How are we supposed to get anything else done??

I went to Glittergoods site and knew immediately which pillow was your favorite before I even checked your link. That one is sooo you!!

Mama Urchin said...

I love the pillows from Daria too.

Anina said...

Aren't Daria's pillows great? I think I'm going to hop over to the craft fair this weekend to grab me one.

Kari V. said...

You really made my day! I was so happy to see I had many comments this morning and I think people saw it on your site. Now I understand what you mean by the comments keeping it fun.

Anonymous said...

i really love daria's work, too.

Chara Michele said...

I thought Kari's blog sounded familiar:) I looked at it & oh yeah she is in the fall swap I hosted... My brain isn't working too well today! :)

Anonymous said...

Amanda, thanks for sharing all the links. Just so much fun. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pillow one. Do you make pillow also??