Sunday, February 04, 2007

snapshots of my day

We are still in the middle of our blizzard. I am about to climb the walls. I didn't take any pictures of the nasty weather, but my friend Amy did. You can see pictures here. It is really bad out there. School has already been cancelled for tomorrow.

I haven't been able to focus on any one thing today. I kind of wandered around the house not sure what to do. I made some more scrap quilt squares, but I lost interest since I am still out of white fabric.

I knitted. (knit?)

I made a wee bunny.

It's pink plus patchwork plus vintage is definitely mine.

I crocheted.

I organized.

I made a mess.

I built.

(This has been in progress for several weeks.)
I played matching game. I played crazy eights.
What on earth am I going to do tomorrow???

1. Again, my warm house.
2. My boys played well together today.
3. My family. It's actually been a good weekend of being snowed in.


Roxanne said...

Getting a little stir crazy, huh!! I hear ya! No snow here, just really stinking cold. Not sure which is worse. That purple scarf is so pretty! You are doing an excellent knitting job. Also, love the bunny's patchwork backside ;) And your blanket is really coming along (have yet to start mine!). Spent the weekend trying to organize I'm ready to mess it all up again! Take care & stay warm!

Amy Jo said...

Yep, no school again tomorrow!! Day 3 of being snowed in, day 4 of having to be home (Friday was home with sick child). What is one to do??? You know I'm not so good at this stay home and can't leave town thing. Happy thoughts for a day with no snow and temps above zero!!!

Linda said...

That is quite the lego city you got going there!
At least you have been able to keep busy even if you are stuck at home. Glad the boys are behaving for you. That cabin fever will make you crazy won't it?

Anonymous said...

holy cow!!! and you say i do alot!!!!!! hahaha... loving the lego house too! and wow, so much snow for you guys?? is it freezing out too? here in wisconsin we have an "Artic chill" and now getting more snow... school was closed for two days thx to such frozen temps.... sigh.... i like your quiltwork patches... they look lovely on their own....

Laura Gunn Studio said...

What a day. love the bunny!!

Laura Gunn Studio said...
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