Thursday, February 22, 2007

do you know the knifty knitter?

I love these.

Maybe I shouldn't even admit that.
But I am not a hard core knitter.

With 3 kids, living in a cold climate, they are worth the money.

Zach came home from school the other day, said his friend Nick wanted a camo hat like Zach's.
A few hours and about a half skein of yarn, you've got one completed hat.
Easy peasy.

One for the little girl.
Flower inspiration here.
Thanks (once again) Becki.

Even my old cabbage patch kid has her own hat. :)


Roxanne said...

My mom has been doing this too! I think I might need to break out the Michael's coupon and get me one! A hat in a couple hours?? That I definitely need to try! Wouldn't this also be really easy to make neck warmers with? Thanks for the info!!

Mama Urchin said...

So I think knitting is knitting whether you do it on a spool or with straight needles or circular needles. Great job on all those hats!

Linda said...

Those are some nifty hats! Maybe I should invest. I had something like that only much smaller when I was a kid. It was to make fashion doll (Barbie) dresses with. LOL As I look back, I suppose the craftiness started pretty young with me.

Clair said...

Love those hats. I don't need one as I own a couple already and a couple scarves too.

beki said...

Duh! I need this! Knitting baffles me, but I love knitted hats, so this looks like the perfect solution for me. Yay!!

Anonymous said...

Nice hats! Sometimes it's good to have projects we can finish relatively quickly, isn't it?

I completed two hats last week as well, crocheted ones. (And we've put them to use right away.)

Sonya said...

I love, love, LOVE these things! I just finished a scarf and it's awesome! I'm trying to move my blog to blogger and then I'll post pics of the scarf....easy and beautiful!