Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy February!

It has been a busy day here.

I got letters from both of my sisters today. They were both, in their own ways, gently reminding me to focus my time and energy on my family....a good thing to be reminded of. Especially in the middle of those nasty winter blahs. (Do you have these like we do?) I am selfish. I want to lock myself in my craft room and sew and create all by myself. I don't want to hear the arguing and fighting and whining. I don't want little hands to help me along. So this was a great reminder, especially when I am feeling burnt out. Like today. Like this week. I am working on it.

One of the things that my boys like to do is to help me cook. And bake. They jump at any chance that they get to pull up the dining room chairs up to the island and get involved. We usually have a good time. Tonight we made a simple recipe that was delicious! Found here.

These were seriously easy.

And seriously delicious. Not messy to make. QUICK. Fantastic!

After our little baking project, we moved on to Valentine making. It wasn't as fun as it may appear. My little one was sitting in the high chair fussing and wailing. She was tired and she has a tooth coming in. Once she went to sleep it was a bit more fun. The boys love doing crafts. It sure helps when my husband joins in. Otherwise crafting with kids isn't at the top of my fun things to do list. It does, however, top my list of stressful things to do with kids. We ended up having a good time as a family. Like my sister Clair reminded me, we are creating memories. That makes it all worth it.

The in progress shot is more exciting than the final results. But like I said, we are going for memory making. I am very thankful that my husband joins in and even suggests this kind of thing...he's so great.

Now, on to quilting. :) Quilting is really therapy for me. It may sound cheesy, but it is.
Here are two squares that I need to add the white borders on....

these 4 pink ones were made yesterday....

and these below were made before...

the blocks are almost entirely made out of scrap pieces....
(I save insanely small scraps of fabric, right Amy?)

Each square is randomly pieced to no particular size....

And then I add a white border to make each block measure 9.5"....

But now I am stuck.
Should I mix them all up? I don't really want to mix the pink and looks...uninspired? Too predictable? I don't like purple all that much, so maybe that is the problem.
Should I make a bunch of each color and then put all the pink blocks in one quadrant, all the yellows in another, greens and purples in another? Should I arrange them in rows by color, as shown in the yellow, green, purple shot? Or just plain random? Or, I got a crazy idea, (I can't actually believe that I am going to admit this) but I could do a series of all purples, one pinks, one yellows, one greens. OK, that is really what I want to do! That would be so much fun!
Please submit your suggestions {other than the fact that I am completely crazy for wanting to make a series of quilts...I already know this :) } or any other ideas that you may have. I appreciate your input.

1. A quiet house....(the kids are sleeping)
2. Clearance shopping at Target today
3. My warm house (it's cold out there!)


Roxanne said...

Thanks for the reminder Amanda...I know your right about all the memory making stuff...but sometimes aren't you just tired? I must have the winter blahs too.

I absolutely love your quilt squares! They seem very pottery barnesque, only better cause no one else has it! I would like to give you my opinion, but you know how very little I know about making quilts, so you should take it with a grain of salt! I REALLY like the striped effect you did with the yellow and green. Or, instead of doing a series, which is indeed crazy, you could do the colors in quadrants which might make you feel like you did several little quilts in one. Anyway, for what its worth, thats what I think! Good luck, be sure and show us what you decide. And by the way, I am never throwing any fabric away ever again!! Who would think they could make something so beautiful. If nothing else, I'll just send them to you!!

Amy Jo said...

Making is a wonderful reminder. I need to be better at that as well. I do, however, remind myself on occasion, that it if I want to be a good mom, that I do spend time on myself and doing things for me and that make me happy as well. It's a tough process to balance. When you've got it figured out, please let me know.
On to the quilt.....
I'm all for the random look of this. Or maybe rows or columns of color....Or maybe - and here's my best idea yet....let's play!! It sounds like a great excuse to get together, throw them on the floor and move 'em around to find what you like!
ps - the scrap pieces are insanely small, but I'm still keeping them for you!

Anonymous said...

I like the rows or blocks of colours idea and the "throw them on the floor" idea. You never know what you are going to come up with! Hope the winter blahs dissappear soon.

julieree said...

Quilting IS therapy, no joke!!

The series of quilts is a pretty awesome idea, but that sounds like the kind of thing I'd start and then never get through! But you are probably much more dedicated than me. ;)

Or I also like the idea of making it random. Works with the lovely randomness + irregularity that you already have going on with the squares!

Anonymous said...

Controlled randomness, that's the key.

becki said...

I know what you mean about quilting being therapy!! I feel the same way! Your log cabin blocks are wonderful! I love how each block is one color. I guess I'm not sure which I would like better...color row by row, or mix up...I say just play around a little..maybe take some pictures and the best one for you will just pop out!! It usually works for me!! Happy quilting!!

Natascha Rosenberg said...

Wow! your quilts are amazing!!