Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Day 5 and no end in sight

The view from my front window.
It hasn't changed much lately.
Thankfully my kids are healthy, unlike one of my friend's kids.
It could always be worse.

This is what my bookshelf looked like this morning.
And this is what it looks like this afternoon.

And I got some new fabric via the faithful UPS man yesterday.
(photo from fabric.com)
Just the thing to chase away that nasty cabin fever that we are experiencing.
Thanks to Becki for the purchasing info. It's all because I saw this post and I couldn't get it out of my head.
Ok, I'm going off to play! Hurray for new fabric.


Roxanne said...

WOW!!! I love your bookshelf like that! Did you really have books in all those different colors? LOVE IT!!! You need a massive bookshelf like that to really make it work though, something I do not have. By the way, how are you going to find the book you're looking for? Not that it takes away from its beauty at all, just wondering!! Have fun with your new fabric!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new fabric...don't forget to show us what you do with it!

Ashley said...

Isn't that fabric just the best? So lovely. And hello pretty bookshelf, I wish I had all those books to copycat.

becki said...

The book shelf looks awesome!! It's kind of like a color wheel (that's not a wheel). You're welcome for the info! Hopefully you can bring yourself to cut into it!! I cut an inch or two for my little tray, but it still hurt when I did that!! I hope I get over my cutting anxiety!

Linda said...

Have fun with the new fabric! I soooo want to go on a stash fattening spree, but I have told myself that I must hold back for now.

I told J about your bookshelf and he had to take a look. He thought it was great!

Hope you get out from under the snow soon! We got just a little bit today. About an inch or an inch and a half or so. Just enough to need to shovel after gettiing home with the groceries, since J still can't do that stuff. :P

Clair said...

We are so sisters! I can't believe that I haven't thought of putting books together according to color.

syko kajsa said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm exploring yours now :) I'm very impressed with your bookshelf!

Annie Crow said...

Oh, one of my favorite things to do is organize (and reorganize) my books. Always by subject matter, though (or alpha if fiction), not color. It's very pretty!