Thursday, January 04, 2007

the beginnings of a modern quilt

During the past few days, I have been cutting out hundreds of rectangles for a new quilt project. Never mind I have several other quilts in progress already... :)

The pattern is called plain spoken from this book. There are some examples that I found on flickr here and here and here.
Here's hoping that my color choices look as good in the quilt as they do in my head.

1. Healthy kids
2. Routine
3. A quiet day at home


Roxanne said...

I love that pattern, and your colors are going to look great. Look forward to seeing your progress. Amen to the routine!! Sydney is finally back to two naps after skipping several over the holiday. I am so thankful & spoiled!!

becki said...

I think your color choices are great! What a neat design! I look forward to seeing a post with your end result!! Happy stitching!

Linda said...

That looks like it will be an awesome quilt! Love the colors, can' wait to see it finished!