Friday, December 29, 2006

wip friday

I've made a little progress on my stripey crochet blanket. It's about 46 rows wide now. Maybe a sixth of the way done....I like it...a lot. I think it looks better in person than in the photo. I'm greatly relieved that it isn't crescent shaped. This is my first crochet project. I am enjoying it very much. It's nice to have a portable project to work on whenever I have a few minutes.

Clair and I sewed a few purses:
A pretty pink and yellow purse for Clair's friend Emili. I love the pink and yellow color combination.

And a better shot of the inside fabric. (It still needs a snap sewn in.)

And another pretty purse for Clair.

And the inside fabric...this one had a pocket. I liked how this one came together, too. It's cute.

It was fun making these with Clair, because it was twice as fast. (She did all the ironing of the interfacing which isn't my favorite part.) It makes me want to sew a purse for me. Not that I need another purse....but that hasn't stopped me before. We used Pellon interfacing in these purses rather than the cheap stuff that I usually use from WalMart. I've found that the right interfacing makes a big difference. I'm sure that I've read about this before, but I am a little slow and I need to come to conclusions like this on my own. (unfortunately)

We also replaced a zipper in Clair's winter coat. There will be no photos of that project. The sewing wasn't so pretty on that project, purely utilitarian. But hey, we were brave enough to even attempt replacing a zipper. Not for the faint of heart or for the perfectionist.

Tomorrow my guests will be leaving :( and I should be back to regular posting. :)


Roxanne said...

I love your blanket! Wow - you are really far. Okay, I give in, I'm heading to thrift some yarn so I can learn how to crochet this!! My mom gave me a few pointers over Christmas as well as a book and some needles, so I think I'm ready to give it a try. The purses are also very cute - looks like you and your sis had a great time!!

Linda said...

Hey, the crochet looks great! The purses are really cute, too! So glad you had the chance to visit with your Dad and your sister, and got a little sewing time in, too.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your blog, just haven't written before. Cute projects. And you're finally making the moda quilt. Big job. About the orange in the 30's. I wouldn't use it. I printed that pattern you recommended. I might make one too. Hi to Kev. Happy New Year.