Saturday, December 30, 2006

back to our routine

My sister and my dad left this morning at 12:30 and made it back to MN safely. We had such a nice time with them and now we are easing back into our normal routine. It was great to have them here and we miss them already. It was nice yesterday to be able to sneak out of the house with my hubby for a lunch date and a bit of shopping while Clair and dad watched the kids.

Here are most of the cards that I made while stamping the past few days:


It is so fun to stamp with my sister. But it seems like the whole visit went way too fast! Like I had to tell my kids, we need to be thankful for the time that we did get to spend with them.

Today we cleaned the house and now I am working of finishing up a quilt. Hopefully it will be completed by the end of the year so that my total for the year is 14 rather than 13....that would be so much better, don't you think? (Hopefully there will be completed pictures tomorrow!)

Over the past several days I have been thinking of how I can rework my craft room (which is also the laundry room). I need to reconfigure the desk where my sewing machines sits since I am sewing more (for my new job). My arms have been giving me problems again (it's from a previous work injury) so I need to fix my desk soon. And as inexpensively as possible. I am thinking a trip to IKEA is coming up soon. Yay!

to Nana Nancy, thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate your input on the 30's fabrics and I will be removing the orange from the mix. That gives me another excuse to go to the quilt shop. :)

Thanks to all of you who check in and comment regularly...I appreciate it so much. If you are reading, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you!


Roxanne said...

Super cute cards - as always!! Must be pretty special to get a Nana Nancy comment...I have yet to receive one of those :)-

Can't wait to see the quilt! Meet ya at Ikea!!

Linda said...

The cards are great! So glad you had a nice visit. It always seems those type of visits are too short, doesn't it? Hope you and Kevin and the kids have a wonderful new year!

Mike said...

You have a great blog! And those quilts are beautiful. I think my favorite one is "Katherine's" quilt. I really like the color combinations. Your cards look great too. I'm adding your blog to My Favorite Places on my blog site. Happy New Year!