Tuesday, September 23, 2014

crocheted trivets and itty bitty trousers

I've found yet another way to use up some scraps! These are very similar to my crocheted rag rugs, but in a trivet (or pot holder) size. I had to use up my skinnier strings somehow, right? :) I am planning to use these as soup bowl holders. It's perfect timing, because I do believe soup season is JUST around the corner. (Hurray!!!)
To make them, I basically used this tutorial, but I cut the strips a bit narrower....between 1/2" and 5/8" wide. I used a size M hook and I crocheted 15 stitches across for each one. I crocheted as many rows as needed until the piece was square-ish. That's it! Easy peasy! These are scrap project #87/101. (Woo-hoo!)
I also sewed up these little trousers from my friend Tara's little guy. She said that he was wearing 12 month clothes already, so I panicked. (These are 6-9 months.) I had to spill the beans and have her measure her little guy's legs to make sure that they would fit. I think we are still clear, so these need to get into the mail TODAY! No more procrastinating!!!
I used the highly acclaimed quick change trousers pattern by Anna Maria Horner from her book Handmade Beginnings.
They were really fun to sew up! I can see why this pattern has been so popular over the years. Besides, what baby doesn't need a pair of elephant butt pants? I just wish I could hand deliver them.
Happy first day of Autumn!


  1. Oh! So cute little trousers :)

  2. elephant butt pants...hahahha
    cute!! aka: diaper bum.

  3. ok those pants are adorable!
    love your pot holders, I still want to make your rag rug, once I finish my series of log cabin style quilts I will use my strips I have to hopefully make one
    I still need to order a P hook, better order an M one too!

  4. Soup bowl holders are a fun accessory to have at the table.

  5. Really like the trivets. They don't look too hard to make.

    Those little pants are adorable. I just went over to Anna's website to see if she had the pants pattern for sale on its own. I never found out, but I did see this update to the pattern and I thought you might want to see it if you haven't yet. This would be just too cute on a little baby. Of course, just about ANYthing looks cute on a baby in my opinion. LOL
    Check this out

  6. Thank you for this lovely idea to use up my skinny scraps. I too hate to throw anything away.

  7. I found that the AMH trousers ran a bit big anyway, so you should be totally fine :) They are adorable!

  8. Question-- do you add a chain at the end of each row like in the rug pattern?
    I haven't crocheted the rug yet-- this would actually be a good startup. I've been a little apprehensive about crocheting with wider strips of fabric.

  9. Margaret,

    Yes, you do need to add a chain at the end of the row like in the rug pattern. I hope you give it a try and have fun with it.


  10. The pants are adorable! Mr. Z will be so cute in them. :)

  11. Love the trousers!!! Dug out my pattern to make some for Brandon.

  12. What a great idea my kids are always complaining about burned fingers when they zap bowls in the microwave must make a few and leave them on top great baby trousers too soooo cute. Quilty hugs

  13. I really need to buy this book--I love these pants, every time I see a pair I think "why havent I bought that book yet?" I'm alittle intimidated by the idea of making your fabric choices!

  14. Cute! Look at you, branching out. :)

  15. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Cute potholders. Now that's my kind of project - something that can be completed in less than a day.

  16. Does Tara have a blog? I'd like to see them on the little guy. Great trousers and coasters! :)