Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Art Quilt Collection

The Art Quilt Collection: Designs and Inspiration from Around the World is a gorgeous and inspiring book. It is mainly filled with photos of beautifully made quilts by artists from all over the world (as the title states :) ). Each quilt featured has a brief write up about the inspiration behind the quilt and the materials used. In addition to the beautiful quilts, the book includes brief step by step sections explaining some of the techniques used. Some of these techniques include: pleating fabric, adding color photographs to fabric, oil-based painting, how to make free hand fabric blocks, and more. For me, (not being an art quilter), it was very interesting and informative to read the how-to sections. I actually hope to try out a few of these techniques in the future.

Some of my favorite quilts from the book are:
I loved the tiny windows in each block. And the use of color is excellent! The grey borders really appeal to me as well.
I love, love, LOVE blue and green together, so it's no surprise that this one would be on my favorites list.
This one just blew me away. I makes me want to grab all my neutral scraps and get piecing. It is amazing!
Oh, this one might be my very favorite. I love the depth that this quilt has and I love all the color! (It's made by a fellow Wisconsin quilter. Woo-hoo!) And I love the name of it, too. It's good, good, good all around!

I have enjoyed this book very much. I am sure that it is one that I will look to again and again for inspiration.

If you would like to win a copy of the book, leave me a comment on this post. The publisher, Sixth and Spring, will be giving away a copy to one of my readers. I will pick a random winner sometime on Thursday.


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Katherine said...

So pretty! I love the castle wall.

Ettabug said...

That book looks awesome, may need to add to my rather overfilling bookshelves. Time to weed, to make room for the new.

:) Etta

Deb said...

I love looking thru books like this for inspiration.

Christy said...

This book looks awesome!

Renae said...

Awesome stuff!
Hope I'm not too late.

reklimes at usfamily dot net

Nancy said...

I've recently begun dabbling in art quilting and this book looks like great inspiration - as is your blog! Thanks for the ideas over the years.

SuzyQSparkles said...

I was just going to look this book up to borrow/purchase, but winning my own copy would be SO MUCH better! I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win...

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