Friday, August 22, 2008

baby quilt week-day 5

Happy Friday!
Today I have a two for one special....

yellow and red stripes, which measures approximately 41" x 57".....

and yellow and red squares-which measures about 45" square.

I cut both of these quilts out at the same time in order to be efficient. Anyone else hate cutting?!?! The striped one was not my favorite to assemble. I didn't have many pieces of fabric that were complete selvage to selvage, so there was piecing involved in most of the strips. Then, I found it challenging to sew together so I would end up with a rectangle rather than a trapezoid. In the end, it turned out fine, although the photo makes it look a little wonky. I do love the concept and just may have to try this one in pink and green someday.

Baby quilt week ended up being very fun for me. I have come to enjoy piecing quilts on a smaller scale. I could even imagine a doll quilt week in my future. (Eventually.) I do love a good personal challenge and it's nice to have a week where I have a specific focus, quilt-wise. I may have one more baby quilt to post tomorrow....we'll see how it goes. :)

Here are some other baby quilts by people that joined in baby quilt week:

reg recently finished this baby quilt top
kim recently finished up this baby quilt
karla recently finished up this 3 year old ufo!

Thanks, ladies, for joining in baby quilt week. If you finished one this week, let me know and I'll add your links in a post tomorrow.

And my two favorite blogs that feature baby quilts often are:
A quilt is nice
Handmade by Alissa


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Love, love how bright and cheery both quilts are!

  2. i adore the colors you used. and yes, i hate cutting, too.

  3. My mind is just blown away whenever I think about how much fabric you must have in your stash! You constantly inspire me to do more with my own stash!!!

  4. Very nice. Congratulations on a very successful week. Now you just have to quilt them...
    I'm finishing one up right now.

  5. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Oh my gosh these are so pretty too! I need to get CRANKIN' on some more baby quilts!! You're an inspiration. Thanks so much for linking to my blog - too nice of you!

  6. Beautiful, as always! No matter how many gorgeous quilts I see, one of my favorites will always be just plain ol' squares!

  7. i love stripes quilts, they are so simple. The colors are so great-- You are really good with colors. Thanks for the link, this crafting, blogging community is so great.

  8. I agree with Nettie - your color choices are always perfect!

  9. Your red and yellow quilt may inspire me to do one like that someday. I would not have thought of it before because red and yellow remind me of McDonalds.

  10. love the stripes! i may have to do one like that too. i have a ton of extra baby fabric bits

  11. Love the red and yellow. Your right pink and green would be nice. Congrats on a successfull week.

  12. Cutting is not my favourite part of quilting either. These quilts are really cute, I like the striped one. I read somewhere that to sew strips evenly, you should sew them from alternating ends of the quilt....does that make sense?!

  13. Hello,
    I found your blog and have visited it now for a while, and would like to ask you what may be a silly you actually hand-sew all your quilts, or do you use a machine? I am a novice at sewing, and learning still. Thanks!

  14. hello jenny b.,

    I use a sewing machine to put all my quilts together. :)


  15. i have a love hate relationship with cutting. What i really hate doing is the binding. I had my son's quilt done this winter but just 4 weeks ago got the binding on and i still haven't handstitched the mitered corners.

    Great links. I have a baby on the way so am looking for ideas for the new quilt.

  16. Love the colors on these! The same colors I have in my living room. :-)

  17. cute tops! all of your baby quilts are so inspiring!

  18. Anonymous4:04 PM

    while I really have liked all of your quilts- in fact I have my own version of the "pink series" in process right now along with the star QAL-I LOVE this one- the colors, fabric choices and layout are terrific! What fun.....

  19. Anonymous4:06 PM

    oops- that comment was meant for the green/grey quilt but I do love these two as well. they may all end up in the queue :)

  20. So lovely, it reminds me of strawberries and lemonade!

  21. Just love your baby quilts. Ummmm, I'm with your on the cutting x

  22. Anonymous7:36 PM

    So pretty! Love the combination of yellows and reds :)

  23. Oh, Pink and green is my favourite summer colour combo. Or little girl combo. They both came out very pretty. You really inspire me everytime I click on over. Thanks for that.
    Enjoy your break. I can't wait to see your holiday ideas. I'm already thinking of that time myself!

  24. So pretty. I adore the colors too.
    And love how you cut two quilts at one time! Really cool.

  25. Those are so adorable! Cutting is my least favorite part of making a quilt too... I'm always afraid I'll mess it up, and not have enough fabric in the end to do anything with!

  26. Those make me think of college and make me want to make an Iowa State quilt for my friends soon-to-be born baby. Go Cyclones! :) Thanks for the inspiration from many of your quilts.