Monday, July 28, 2008

star quilt along-sashing and finishing

Welcome to week 14 of the quilt along. Today I will show you how to finish your quilt top and then provide links that will help you finish the entire quilt.

I had given instructions a few weeks ago about the sashing, but if you haven't cut it yet, you will need:

36 squares 2 1/2" from the fabric that matches the setting squares
60 rectangles 2 1/2" x 12 1/2" from the background fabric

The outside borders are cut 6 1/2" wide, also from the background fabric.

If you are making the quilt according to the original pattern, you will need the sashing added to the quilt like this:

There are sashing pieces between each block and then sashing posts at each corner, even around the perimeter of the quilt. When that is complete, add the outside border.

A few ideas for you if you choose to deviate from the original quilt....

You could layout all the blocks without the sashing, you would just end up with a smaller quilt.

Katherine added a smaller inner border that matches the setting blocks. You can see it here.

John is doing all 25 blocks from the previous and this quilt along into one quilt top. You can see his progress here.

Once your quilt top is complete, you will need to baste, quilt, and bind the quilt.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who participated in the quilt along this time around. It's been great to see your blocks come together. I look forward to seeing the quilts come together and become finished objects.

There is a flickr group here, if you would like to check it out.


Dandelion Quilts said...

Wow, Amanda Jean...that turned out quite pretty. I love the pinks and creams. I also think it is so fun to see all the other color ways on the Flicker group. It really helps one have more of an imagination or vision when going to the quilt shop. Very nice. Good work to all the ladies that participated.

Needled Mom said...

Very pretty. I have so enjoyed watching the progress of the various quilters participating.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful blog. You provide some great quilting information, espicially to someone just starting out in the craft and starving for as much information to learn as is out there. Thank you for the lessons and for the inspiration. Loving the quilts!

Heidi said...

How lovely this has become!
I've nominated you for the Brilliante Award! For details here:

many cheers form hot and muggy Holland,

Ruth said...

That turned out lovely (as I expected - your quilts always are)
I was to busy to take part in this quilt along, but if you do another one I would love to take part.

* elizabeth * said...

I don't know if you participate in these things, but I nominated you for a blog award! Details are at my blog.

Anina said...

Woohoo! Thank you so much for doing this. It was such fun! I can't wait to see everyone's completed quilts.

Lauren The Artist said...

Thats just beautiful- it turned out very well. I have to see all the others you've linked too. ~jen~

CherryBlossomMJ said...

That's very pretty. how many different fabrics are there?

Unknown said...

I've been loving the variety of quilts turning up in blogland :) I decided that I must start it now! Thanks for all the great directions - this is a great introductions to triangles for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful Quilt-along. I really appreciate all the time and effort you've put into this :o)
I've finished my setting blocks and need to add sashing and borders.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for sharing.
I am a tad behind - hope to get some more blocks finished this weekend. Will you leave the instructions up a bit longer for the slackers like me?

Love Leanne

Amanda Jean said...


I plan to leave the instructions up indefinitely. enjoy!


Amanda Jean said...


I think there are about 15 fabrics in the entire quilt.


Anonymous said...

Love the quilt blocks. These are wonderful and your colors are so soft and pretty.

Rebekah said...

so pretty! I can't wait to join in on your next quilt along :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for sharing!!

I had soo much fun!

Quilt top finished - I did a scrappy theme.

Yet to be quilted - but I want to finish a few more tops first.

Love Leanne New Zealand.

- dlm. said...

Thanks so much for showing us how to make this beautiful quilt. Making 2 sets of each of the blocks has worked well ( but takes a bit longer IMO ). My DDs are going to love their quilts once they are finished!

Anonymous said...

I love how this turned out to look all vintage, it looks like one my mother in law has on her bed..beautiful. Hopefully next round I'll be up to the challenge.

Vanessa said...

Well, better late than never but I have just started doing your quiltalong today, and am up to block 10. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Joan said...

I used 4" squares and have completed as of today 47 11" blocks. When I figured out I might not need 70 block at this size I slowed down. My batting which I found in the trash still in the original packaging is 90" x 108"

I'm a little behind but if it wasn't for you I would have never started. This is the first quilt I've made since the 80's. I am having fun and for me that is what counts.

I am making the quilt for my daughter. The predominate colors are orange and yellow. I am using a white sheets to add a 2 inch sash next. I used vintage sheets and fabric from my stash.

Also I am sewing it on my grandmothers 100 year old sewing machine which hasn't been sewn on in at least 35 years. When I set it up & oiled it, it started sewing like a champ. She was an master quilt maker and I feel her presence with me every time I sew.

In this economy I'm loving the frugality of my creation.

Thank You for bringing joy into my life Amanda Jean.

Jen said...

I finally finished mine! I altered it because I wanted it to be a throw for the couch in my family room... and I did it all in red Christmas fabrics on a cream background. I made a few changes in some of the stars because I was working with all reds and the contrast was not as apparent.

I love it! Thank you so much for posting this tutorial!