Monday, September 10, 2007

a plethora of things

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for my sweet boy turning 7. It was fun to read all the comments to him. He was grinning from ear to ear. You all know how to make a boy's day-and his mama's, too. Thank you.

I picked up this pillow case at my local thrift store for 25 cents.
Not being a big fan of Minnie Mouse, but loving the polka dots....

I trimmed off the ruffle and added some solid pink from my stash.
I used the french seam tutorial posted by Jojo. Thanks, Jojo. It worked perfectly.

Isn't that much better? My daughter loves it. (So do I.)
The quilt in the background was made for my girl by the ever-so-sweet Linda.

My friend Taia packaged up a bucket of scraps and sent them over to me...what a great surprise that was! My kids are jealous of the great mail that I get. (Isn't that the way it should be?) There are some really fun fabrics in here and I can't wait to dig in and start making something new out of them. Oh, how I LOVE fabric scraps. Thanks Taia!

And little Spot came to live at our house.
He was a birthday gift for Zach from Linda.
(See, my kids get great mail, too!)
He is the sweetest little puppy ever.

We love him.
Thanks Linda.
Have a good Monday!


  1. Fun pillow case. Fun scraps. Fun puppy... Okay, you're just a fun gal!

  2. Very nice work on the pillowcase! Thrift stores just have endless possibilities now don't they? Fun scrap pile too...more endless possibilities huh! Have fun!!

  3. Nice pillowcase. Don't you just love remaking something to make it useable? Very thrifty.

    And the scraps... have fun with the scraps! I LOVE scraps.

  4. What a bunch of fun! I love the pillowcase transformation.

  5. very cute pillowcase....adorable dog and grat mail!!

    I need your address, if you could email it to me. I seemed to have misplaced it in "The Great Craft Room Move of 07".

  6. I love the sweet puppy... You have nice friends!

  7. a plethora indeed. i love the pillowcase makeover! and the scraps? totally jealous!

  8. Great pillow case redo! And I may have to check out the French seam tutorial. My mother's suggesting I use one on my shower curtain. If both of you mention it, it must be worth checking into!

  9. You are so welcome! Looks like you had a fun mail week! Lots of fun stuff!

  10. Glad the tutorial worked for you. You and I are on same wavelength. I made pillowcase cuffs last week!

  11. Anonymous7:44 PM

    The pillowcase is much, much cuter now!

  12. Anonymous7:46 PM

    what a great pillow makeover :)
    totally adorable. You make me think about new and different ways to do things. You are so creative :)

    Oh and all those scraps! I can only imagine what you'll do with them.

    cute puppy too~

  13. Pillow case is super cute without those ruffles- and that little pup is darling!

  14. I love what you did to the pillowcase! The polka dots are great.

    (And very cute dog.)

  15. You all get some good mail, but I got some this week from Aunt Audrey. Fun!!!

  16. I love how you changed the pillowcase! Spot is adorable too:)