Friday, September 21, 2007

I've got mail...

My dear friend Amy Jo sent me a fabulous package today.
Lots of fabric samples that she got from her work place. I am giddy dreaming of the possibilities!
I definitely will be making more of these.

She also sent some vinyl!

And buttons!

This beauty is already on my wall above my work table for inspiration.
I have to make a quilt like this.

Thank you so much, Amy.

Earlier this week, Susan sent me fun package of beads from her stash.
Again, I am giddy dreaming of all the things that I can make with these beautiful little gems. I hope that I can make something half as wonderful as she creates.

Thanks so much, Susan, I can't wait to use them.

I tell ya', I have the best friends.


  1. Good grief, you get more good mail than anyone I know! LOL Cool stuff!

  2. glad you're enjoying it!! Can't wait to see what you create!

  3. Wonderful! I love those beads and buttons.

  4. Anonymous9:41 AM

    You are one lucky girl! You certainly get the best stuff and then, you MAKE the best stuff :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oooh - more vinyl? I love what you do with vinyl! Have fun with it all. It's always fun to see such a prolific crafter get more supplies - it means more eye candy for us readers later!

  6. Anonymous11:27 AM

    i love new supplies! have fun!

  7. You do have great friends! I like the fabric sample you photographed and want to make a quilt like.

  8. i would call you a lucky girl but only the really special people have such special friends :) not a surprise to hear you have a beautiful group of friends.

    enjoy the new prizes and let us know what you make of them!

  9. Lucky, lucky you!!

  10. I can't wait to have another crafternoon!

  11. Wow, what great mail! Lucky you:)

  12. Looks like some fun stuff!! A big ol' box of scraps should be arriving very soon too! (Sorry, no room for much fun stuff though, I had to really stuff to get all the fabric in there!!)