Saturday, December 16, 2006

in your opinion.... this close enough to a 30's print? I am not sure, so I would like your opinion. Keep in mind I am not a stickler about this sort of thing.

Here it is (top one on the left) with the other 30's type fabrics that I have put together to make something like this. The quilt was made by Judy from quilting with ragdolls. It is blogged about in her November 25, 2006 post and there are more photos of her beautiful quilt there, too. I highly recommend you check it out! (I couldn't link this any other way that I could figure out.) A free pattern can be found here. I am intrigued by this pattern. The end result looks somewhat complicated, however the technique and the pattern looks simple enough. (besides the fact that it is piecing triangles...ugh!)

And here is a photo of my little girl. She is happy here, but not so much today. So I needed a reminder that most of the time she is such a sweet little one. I love her so much! She is teething (we think) and that is certainly challenging. Thankfully, the other sickness in the house has subsided. Today my day will be filled with laundry, hopefully (at least) a little bit of quilting, and soothing the little one as much as possible.


  1. Oh my gosh Amanda - she is so sweet! But, they have their days too just like the rest of us. I am absolutely no expert on 30's fabric, but I think it is all so much fun. The fabric you had pictured looks really good with the others you have picked and it looks like a couple of the fabrics in the quilt you linked, so I say go for it!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is getting so big! Is she crawling yet? What an angel!
    As for the quilt, I think the fabrics you have pictured are really pretty and will go nicely together. I'm itching to do a real quilt for someone, but I gotta get at least a little more of the list knocked down first!

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    awwww she is such a doll!!!!! they grow faster than we can catch up on the to-do list, eh?! and your fabrics all seem 30'ish and quite pretty!!!!!!! you do such beautiful work that no matter what you use, it will turn out perfect!

  4. Is Abby really sitting up by herself?

  5. Lovely baby, and the fabrics are (almost) as sweet. It's hard to keep up with baby cuteness. I really love the (fabric) colors too.