Thursday, December 07, 2006


Another snow day here today! I can hardly believe it. My son didn't have school again today as we are under a winter weather advisory. It is snowing and windy. I am so thankful that I didn't have to go out today. It would have been a great day to work on a quilt. Instead....

I have seen a lot of cute stuffed toys around the blogs lately. I wanted to try one, so inspired by this adorable little hoodie that belongs to my darling little girl....

...I started this.

But I don't know where to go from here. Milly looks silly now, but I still have high hopes for her. I don't know how to attach the body (which I still have to make) and the head together, so I left a long neck for that reason. I am certain that she will be wearing something pink when I am done, and she will most certainly be wearing some sort of scarf to cover the stitches....stay tuned.

Today I am holding my little ones and my husband a little tighter. There are terrible things that are happening all around us (terminal illnesses, messy divorces, custody battles and more) and I am remembering that I have so much to be thankful for. Health. Family. Life.


  1. Look at that head! It's awesome. I'm amazed at anyone who can turn a 2 dimensional concept into something 3D. Can't wait to see how the rest of her turns out.

  2. Amen sister...I hear ya. We have so much to be thankful for. It has been so windy and cold here and every time I hear the wind blow, I am so thankful for the house I live and that the heat is still on!
    Milly is adorable!! I have been noticing all the very cute animals and dolls out here too. I think I might just buy somebody elses though! I am working on some animal hand puppets right now for Christmas presents, and am running into the same problem. My pattern says to hand stitch them on, but they still have this mad scientist look about them. So, they are all getting accessories. The pigs are having vintage ties from the thrift store - the uglier the better, the dogs have studded collars, and the monkeys will have some sort of ribbon necklaces with flowers.

  3. I sooo agree! Sometimes the best things in life are staring us right in the face. Sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday stuff that we forget to enjoy the things that we should. Last week taught me a lot.

    I love the little bear! Baby A. will love it too! I was thinking you should stuff a jingle bell down in the stuffing so she jingles when you shake her! Can't wait to see her finished! Your creative talent has amazed me for years, and I am sure you will continue to amaze me for years to come!